The Retail industry requires effective security solutions in order to successfully manage and run their business. These Retail businesses face daily security and liability issues related to inventory shrinkage, customer safety, employee theft, improving employee training and operational efficiency. Retailers incur multi-billion dollar losses annually due to these types of security and safety related issues, thus they require the most effective security surveillance solutions that can prevent these losses from occurring.

The Perpetual video surveillance solutions were developed especially for the Retail customer by providing the quality video recording they need along with the flexibility they require. The Perpetual POS DVR is especially designed to integrate with the retail customerís Point-of-Sale cash register system, thus providing the high-level surveillance that incorporates both the transactional data and corresponding video surveillance of said transaction. The advanced search and exception capabilities provide the retailer with the necessary tool to quickly investigate a register discrepancies, fraudulent credit cards and checks.

A key market advantage for Perpetual Digital security solutions in the Retail market is our product diversity and custom application services. The Perpetual Digital product line offers a full breath of video surveillance solutions, so if you are a small convenient store or a multi-store specialty retail store we have a system that suits your specific specifications and budgetary requirements. In addition, we specialize in providing custom applications services to ensure that we deliver the solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing IT and POS systems.

As a full solution provider, Perpetual Digital also provides a full range of the latest high quality surveillance cameras, backup video storage systems, and video display solutions that fully compliment our DVR systems. What your retail business requires, Perpetual will not only meet them, we will exceed them.

The retail market is considered by some market analyst as the second largest market for electronic security systems, and it provides an estimated multi-billion dollar total available market.