The Perpetual Digital product line features a full range of fixed surveillance security systems that include Digital Video Recorder (DVR) systems, Surveillance Cameras, and Network Surveillance Solutions. Our Perpetual product line has the flexibility of providing scalable fixed video surveillance systems that can satisfy any size security project. Whether itís a small convenience store or a major retail store, we have the right solution for the security project with the capability to customize when needed.

Sequent Mobile video surveillance solutions capture, record, transmit, index and archive in-vehicle video surveillance. The Sequent solution is a complete end-to-end mobile surveillance solution delivers a robust, scalable security tool that is a key asset for the law enforcement, public safety, homeland security, and transportation markets. The ability of Sequent Mobile to network video surveillance systems and provide secure access to that network and its archived files via existing internet, cellular and computer interfaces dramatically advances the potential use of video for Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, and Transportation industries. For more information about the markets for the Sequent Mobile solution please visit the Markets section of this website.