The commercial aviation industry faces a variety of security, safety, and liability issues that include terrorism, air rage, and damaged or lost baggage just to name a few. The industry is at the forefront of our homeland industry effort and billions are being spent to ensure the public’s safety. GEPT’s Aviation division, Global Airworks, is a recognized leader in developing, manufacturing, and integrating an innovative security and safety solutions in the airline industry.

The CDSS: Cockpit Door Surveillance System from Global Airworks is a robust video surveillance system that allows pilots to monitor the cabin and baggage compartment from the safety of the cockpit. The importance of this security solution is not lost with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is a mandate–driven product that just begun to take off. Here are some quick facts regarding cockpit surveillance or monitoring mandates:

• Mandated in ten countries
• Mandates pending in China and the United States
• GEPT captured over 80% of the German market for its 2005 Mandate
• US market is estimated to be $180 Million
• Only 5 cockpit surveillance systems identified by the FAA; which includes the Airworks’ CDSS
• Worldwide market is estimated between $400 to $500 Million

In addition to safety concerns the airline industry also battles a number of liability concerns that involve passenger safety and baggage damage claims. The Global Airworks’ CDSS addresses those issues with its video recording capabilities, thus allowing for an actual recording of an event to combat legal or insurance claim cases.

Global Airworks has also developed a Class III certified Electronic Flight Bag System (EFB) that is fully integrated with the Cockpit Door Surveillance System, thus providing the pilots with flight critical electronic information at their fingertips. The EFB system not only provides the pilots with an efficient system for accessing critical flight information but also delivers a cost reduction benefit for the airlines. Some of the product highlights include:

• 50,000 commercial aircraft in the market
• Millions of private aircraft in the market
• High ROI for Airlines – reduced weight generates significant annual fuel savings
• Integrated with the Flight Management System

Global Airworks has a strategic marketing partnership with Lufthansa Technik, a recognized leader in aircraft services worldwide, to provide sales, marketing, and support services for the Global Airworks’ solutions.

Global Airworks provides airlines with the latest in–flight entertainment systems (IFE) that feature state–of–the–art lightweight solutions. These IFE products include bulkhead monitors and passenger entertainment appliance, AirPlay. These entertainment solutions are designed to deliver a significant ROI in fuel costs and an additional revenue generation tool.

Global AirWorks also provides products and integration services of new or upgraded systems for airline communication, entertainment, comfort and convenience. The aircraft services industry is estimated to be a $12 Billion market, with the opportunity for recurring revenue as well. Global Airworks has been a market leader in providing aircraft integration services for over ten years. Some of the many customers of Global Airworks include:

• American Airlines
• Lufthansa Airlines
• Swiss Air International
• Finnair
• Avianca Airlines
• Air Macau

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