The Law Enforcement market utilizes digital video surveillance systems as an essential tool for protecting and enforcing the law. This market implements both fixed and mobile video surveillance solutions, and GEPT is one of the few manufacturers that provides both an end-to-end mobile solution as well as a full range of fixed systems.

Mobile Surveillance
Todayís police departments often times require mobile video surveillance for the police cars in order to truly document their incidents, whether itís a felony stop or a routine speeding ticket. Video surveillance has proven to be an invaluable tool to protect the officers and provide the truth for the criminal cases that the court prosecutes. In the current market the legacy analog systems outnumber the digital; however, the replacement systems are primarily digital due to the advanced technology. The digital video systems provide more secure storage, longer record capabilities, and better archival management.

GEPT provides not only the in-vehicle mobile DVR but a complete end-to-end surveillance solution, called Sequent Mobile. The Sequent solution features a ruggedized Mobile DVR system with up to four channel (cameras) video input, in-car cameras, wireless hands-free downloads, and a video management application that not only archives but also marries CAD data with video surveillance. A vital feature for the Sequent solution is the remote access ability, which allows the police departments to watch in-vehicle surveillance live from their desktops in the office.

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The law enforcement market has an estimated 500,000 vehicles in service. GEPT has made great strides in developing the law enforcement market with the Sequent Mobile solution; these opportunities include Chicago PD, Ukiah PD, Riverside PD, and a number of other police departments that are fully operational or in pilot programs.

Fixed Surveillance
The law enforcement industry also utilizes fixed video surveillance for their booking, jail house, and throughout their offices. Similar to the mobile video surveillance, the current fixed surveillance systems in this market are legacy analog systems, which need to be upgraded to digital surveillance solutions. The value proposition for the digital video solutions is their flexibility, network compatibility, remote access, and storage. Now with digital systems there are fewer tapes, less storage space for those tapes, and improved video management capabilities. The digital video systems provide extensive search capabilities based on time, date, location, or customized to whatever the customer requires.

The importance of fixed video surveillance is fairly evident in law enforcement. Just as with mobile surveillance, fixed systems are required to protect the department from potential liability issues. Whether there is a question of evidence, booking procedures, or any type of situation in the jail house, the fixed video surveillance can provide not only recorded documentation but it can also be used as an alert system.