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Global ePoint, Inc. (GEPT) designs, develops, and manufacturers digital surveillance systems for the aviation, retail, transportation, and homeland security markets. GEPT operates through three primary business divisions:

Digital Technology Division
Develops and markets both fixed and mobile video surveillance products and solutions under two brand names, Perpetual Digital and Sequent Mobile. These product lines focus on providing industry–driven surveillance solutions for emerging market segments such as law enforcement, homeland security, and retail.

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Aviation Division
The aviation division, known as Global Airworks, is a developer and manufacturer of aviation solutions and services specializing in commercial aircraft video surveillance systems and interior modification, serving both domestic and international carriers as well as original equipment manufacturers suppliers. The growth of this market segment is fueled by the cockpit video surveillance system mandates in nine countries thus and pending mandates in the United States and Mexico.

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Systems Division
The systems division, formally known as the contract manufacturing division, designs and manufactures custom computing and digital recording systems for the security and computer industries; for both business and consumer markets. This division operates through four sub–business units: Contract Manufacturing, Vicious PC, Best Logic, and Global Telephony.

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