A market leader in aircraft solutions, Global Airworks develops and manufactures dynamic aircraft solutions that provide high level security and ROI for the commercial airline industry. Global AirworksÌ solutions include a market leading cockpit video surveillance system (CDSS), a robust electronic flight bag system (EFB), cost effective in–flight entertainment systems (IFE), and a myriad of other products and integration services for the aviation market.

The Global Airworks’ CDSS: Cockpit Door Surveillance System provides video surveillance cameras throughout the cabin and cargo area along with touch screen access monitors mounted in the cockpit for the pilots to enable the pilots to maintain a complete visual of the aircraft. The CDSS not only allows the flight crew to maintain the safety of the cockpit but it also provides a comprehensive safety tool for incidents of air rage, fire, or mechanical.

The Airworks’ CDSS Product Highlights:

• Ten countries have mandates for cockpit surveillance for commercial aircraft
• Captured over 80% of the German market for their mandate
• Pending mandates in China and the United States

Another innovation solution from Global Airworks is the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), for commercial aircraft, designed specifically to provide pilots with critical flight information in a digital format. The EFB system delivers a strong ROI for the airlines as it eliminates the need for pilots to carry–on large amounts of paper flight documents on each flight. In addition, this paperless cockpit solution can also be utilized with the CDSS, thus providing a robust all–in–one safety and efficient aircraft solution.

Global Airworks also provides airlines with the latest in-flight entertainment systems that provide value added services and revenue generating vehicles for the commercial airlines. These state–of–the–art lightweight IFE systems provide airlines with a high ROI base on annual fuel cost savings per aircraft.

Global Airworks also provides products and integration services of new or upgraded systems for airline communication, entertainment, comfort and convenience. Global Airworks has been a market leader in providing aircraft integration services for over ten years. Some of the many customers of Global Airworks include:
• American Airlines
• Lufthansa Airlines
• Swiss Air International
• Finnair
• Avianca Airlines
• Air Macau

For a more comprehensive list of customers and more information on our products and services, please visit our website at www.airworksinc.com