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Date Title
12.21.2005 Global ePoint Resolves Nasdaq Comments
12.20.2005 Tulsa, Oklahoma Fire Department Selects Global ePoint’s Mobile Surveillance System
12.16.2005 Global ePoint Provides Proposal in Response to a Notice from Nasdaq
12.12.2005 Global ePoint Estimates Size of Mexican Airline Market for Cockpit Door Surveillance Systems Is $6.4 Million
12.08.2005 Global ePoint’s Airworks Division's Cockpit Door Surveillance System Has Ability to Deter Air Rage Incidents
12.07.2005 Global ePoint’s AirWorks CDSS System Recognized by Mexican Authority as the Only Approved Aircraft Video Security System for Use in Mexican Airspace
12.06.2005 Global ePoint’s Global AirWorks Division Completes Installation of New Video Surveillance and Recording System for Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Division
12.02.2005 Global ePoint’s Airworks Division Receives Initial Orders From Major U.S. Airline
11.28.2005 Global ePoint’s Global AirWorks Division Receives Validation from Mexico’s Direccion General de Aeronautical Civil
11.23.2005 Global ePoint Wins First Airport Order for Digital Surveillance System
11.22.2005 Global ePoint’s Chairman Featured in CEOcast Interview
11.14.2005 Global ePoint Reports Third Quarter 2005 Earnings
11.08.2005 Global ePoint Completes $6 million Financing
11.07.2005 Global ePoint Receives Orders for $1.2 Million of Image Processing Equipment for X–Ray Scanning Machines
11.03.2005 Global ePoint Wins Ukiah, California Police Department Order
10.28.2005 Global ePoint’s Aviation Division Receives $750,000 in Additional Contracts for Fourth Quarter Delivery
10.25.2005 Global ePoint Resolves Nasdaq Comments
10.24.2005 Global ePoint’s Aviation Division Opens Tulsa Facility
10.07.2005 Global ePoint’s Aviation Division Receives Approximately $1 Million of Aircraft Security and Modification Orders
9.30.2005 Global ePoint Receives Order From Chicago Police Department for Mobile Video Surveillance Systems
9.29.2005 Global ePoint Issues Clarification on Notice from Nasdaq
9.29.2005 Global ePoint Receives Notice from Nasdaq
9.29.2005 Global ePoint’s Aviation Division Global AirWorks Unveils New Proprietary Technology at the World Airline Entertainment Association Annual Convention
9.26.2005 Global ePoint’s AirWorks Division Named by FAA as One of Three Certificate Holders Currently Supplying Video Surveillance Systems for Airplanes
9.21.2005 FAA Proposes Security Cameras on Aircraft – Global ePoint’s Aviation Division Airworks is Well Positioned to Meet Pending Upcoming Regulations
9.16.2005 Global ePoint’s Aviation Division to Unveil New Product Lines at World Airline Entertainment Association Annual Conference in Hamburg, Germany, September 20-23
9.15.2005 Global ePoint Announces Presentation Given by Johnny Pan and Ricky Frick at ValueRich Small–Cap Financial Expo
9.09.2005 Global ePoint’s Aviation Division, Global AirWorks, Awarded $4.375 Million Contract by Grupo Synergy
9.07.2005 Global ePoint’s Contract Manufacturing Division Receives $3 Million In Additional Orders
9.01.2005 Global ePoint gets extra order
9.01.2005 Global ePoint’s Aviation Division, Global AirWorks, Receives Additional Orders from Avianca Airlines
8.23.2005 Global ePoint’s Aviation Division Enters Into Cooperation Agreement With Division of Lufthansa Airlines for Sales and Marketing of AirWorks Electronic Flight Bag
8.22.2005 Global ePoint Announces Second Quarter Results
8.18.2005 California Police Department Selects Global ePoint’s Perpetual Digital’s Video Surveillance System for Jail and Administrative Offices
8.08.2005 Global ePoint’s Global AirWorks Aviation Division Awarded $7.3 Million Contract from Leading South American Airline for Aircraft Equipment and Services
8.05.2005 Leading Fast Food Restaurant Chain Selects Global ePoint's Video Surveillance Systems
8.03.2005 Global ePoint Introduces Video Surveillance Solution Targeting Mexican Financial Industry
7.21.2005 Global ePoint Announces New Video Surveillance System for Mass Transportation
7.19.2005 Global ePoint’s Acquisition Candidate Astrophysics Builds Custom Mobile X-Ray Unit for Saudi Arabia
7.18.2005 Global ePoint and Acquisition Candidate Astrophysics Move toward Definitive Agreement
7.14.2005 Major Financial Institution Places Reorder for Global ePoint’s Video Surveillance Systems
7.11.2005 Global ePoint’s AirWorks Aviation Division Announces Receipt of Order From Thomas Cook Airlines To Expand Applications for Cockpit Door Surveillance System
7.07.2005 Global ePoint Engages Pagemill Partners to Review its Proposed Acquisition of Astrophysics
7.07.2005 Global ePoint’s Acquisition Candidate Astrophysics Receives Order From Chinese Customs Agency
7.06.2005 Global ePoint Aviation Division Introduces New Class III Electronic Flight Bag System
6.30.2005 Global ePoint’s Acquisition Candidate Astrophysics Receives Order from Orange County Superior Court
6.27.2005 California Police Department Purchases Global ePoint’s Mobile Surveillance Systems
6.09.2005 Global ePoint’s Acquisition Candidate Astrophysics Awarded $2.1 Million in New Orders From Three International Companies
6.03.2005 Global ePoint Completes $ 3.5 Million Private Placement
6.03.2005 Global ePoint to Acquire Leading Manufacturer of X–Ray Scanning Systems
5.24.2005 Global ePoints Reports First Quarter Results
5.24.2005 Global ePoint Completes $1.5 Million Private Placement at Premium to Market
5.12.2005 German Charter Carrier Blue Wings Selects Global ePoint’s AirWorks Division to Comply with New Regulations for Cockpit Surveillance
4.29.2005 Global ePoint’s Aviation Division Receives Order from FinnAir
4.25.2005 Global ePoint to Introduce Multi–Channel Mobile Digital Video Technology for Homeland Security at Department of Defense Demonstration
4.19.2005 Global ePoint Aviation Division Receives FAA Supplemental Type Certification for all 737 Aircraft
4.18.2005 Global ePoint Reports 2004 Year–end Results
4.11.2005 Global ePoint AirWorks Division Receives Lufthansa CDSS Reorder
4.04.2005 Global ePoint Unveils Next–Generation Proprietary Digital Security Surveillance Solutions at ISC West Show
3.31.2005 Global ePoint’s AirWorks Unit Receives an Order From GE Captial Aviation Services for its Cockpit Door Surveillance Systems
3.16.2005 Global ePoint Extends Leadership in Burgeoning X–Ray Scanning Technology with $5 Million in New Purchase Orders
2.18.2005 Global ePoint’s AirWorks Unit Posts Repeat Product Orders from International Airline Customers as Fleets Expand
1.28.2005 Global ePoint Receives Full FAA Certification for Boeing 777 Across Key Product Line
1.18.2005 Global ePoint Launches Distribution Channel for Perpetual Digital Brand Advanced Security Products
1.05.2005 Global ePoint Completes $2.5 Million Financing
1.03.2005 Global ePoint Mobile Video Systems Give Police Next–generation Surveillance And Communication Capabilities