Global ePoint In-Car Video System Installed by Ukiah Police Department

Sequent Recorder Cited for Ease of Use and Reduced Officer Workload

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., Sept. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Global ePoint, Inc. (OTC: GEPT - News), a leading manufacturer of digital surveillance and detection solutions, today reported that the Ukiah Police Department in California has completed installation of its Sequent mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) that replaces existing in-field VHS tape recorders. The Sequent system includes wide-area digital wireless video transmission that delivers video, audio and data files from anywhere using existing satellite or wireless and/or wired network. The Sequent MDVR is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Sequent Information Management Systems (IMS), allowing it to communicate with the Sequent IMS and wirelessly transfer video/data automatically.

The new equipment was partly funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance to replace aging VHS tape recorders that was experiencing mechanical failures. The grant was made to the Ukiah Police Department, the award citation explained, because the "use of the in-car camera systems have shown to reduce attacks on officers, increase the number of court convictions, and reduce the number of citizen complaints and officer misconduct incidents." A police department evaluation committee reviewed four digital video manufacturers, including the Sequent system, based on quoted price, capabilities of the system, durability, ability of the system to expand in the future, future costs of expanding the system, and the workload associated with managing a digital video system.

Captain Chris Dewey of the Ukiah Police Department said, "Our decision to select Global ePoint’s Sequent system over lower bids was justified by its ability to reduce police officer workload. Ease of use was our biggest consideration. The Sequent solution gives us the ability to download video automatically to the station server without the police officer ever having to handle a device. With the Web-based interface, the officer can easily retrieve and review his archived police report on-line with just a few clicks. This cuts down on our administrative workload enormously."

Another factor, said Dewey, was a maintenance contract that provides on-site experts to help diagnose and solve problems: "Video evidence is of high importance to the department, and dealing with digital storage and retrieval of that evidence during a critical breakdown is not something city staff is familiar with."

Sequent Mobile is a featured product line designed, developed, marketed, and managed by Global ePoint's Digital Technology Division. Its complete end-to-end mobile video surveillance solution features an in-vehicle mobile DVR and surveillance camera, wireless video/data transmission, and a powerful video/data management system for indexing and archiving. Sequent's MDVR is rugged, compact, and lightweight with a single unit capable of recording thousands of hours of video. Operating on solar, battery, AC, DC, or aircraft power, the easy and cost-effective system can be readily installed anywhere on a stand-alone basis or interfaced with existing video surveillance systems. For more information, please visit

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