German Charter Carrier Blue Wings Selects Global ePoint’s AirWorks Division to Comply with New Regulations for Cockpit Surveillance

April 31st Regulation Creates Backlog of 70 New Aircraft Scheduled to Receive Company’s CDSS system

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif — (BUSINESS WIRE) — May 12, 2005 — Global ePoint Inc. (NADSAQ: GEPT), an innovative developer and manufacturer of homeland security solutions for aviation and law enforcement, today announced that Blue Wings, a new German charter carrier, has installed the Company’s Cockpit Door Surveillance System (CDSS) to meet the new regulations that went into effect on April 30th, which require any German Registered aircraft with more than 66 seats to be fully installed with the ability to observe any party attempting to gain access to the cockpit area and to provide surveillance of the forward area of the aircraft for suspicious behavior. The Company’s CDSS enables airlines to comply with this mandate. As a result of the recent mandate, the Company’s AirWorks Division currently has a backlog of 70 new aircraft, yet to be delivered, scheduled to be installed with its CDSS.

The CDSS was introduced shortly after September 11, 2001 as a means for flight crews to visually survey and monitor situations all throughout an aircraft — before take–off, during flight and after landing — without having to leave the secure cockpit environment. The system utilizes up to 16 mini–cameras and touch–control LCD inter–active monitor screens to quickly detect, assess and manage in–flight security — whether in response to smoke in the cargo hold or an attendant’s call from the passenger cabin.

The LBA (German regulatory agency) of Germany was the first to require airlines to meet surveillance requirement on board commercial aircraft with greater than 66 seats. According to "Airfleets", a recognized industry listing of all applicable registered aircraft, 570 aircraft in Germany were required to meet the requirements of the mandate. To date, AirWorks which introduced the first CDSS system to a commercial aircraft, has delivered 506 CDSS installation kits to German Registered carriers, representing approximately 88.8 percent of the market.

"We believe that our initial investments in this technology, our investment in certification of the product, our approach through Supplemental Type Certificates now held for each and every model aircraft by Airbus and Boeing aircraft companies and the flexibility of our system to meet the demands of each and every carrier, were the contributing factors to receiving the Blue Wings order and our success in this market," said Ricky Frick, President of the Company’s AirWorks Division "The AirWorks system, which employs touch sensitive LCD monitors, a system controller and up to 16 camera inputs, met each and every model type configuration required for installation. As we have completed over 8,000 different modifications to commercial aircraft, including electronics, electrical and passenger cabin enhancements, we believe that our vast experience in installation services was the key to meeting any aircraft requirement with our CDSS installation and product design."

"The April 31st regulations will continue to serve as a catalyst for new orders for the Company," continued Mr. Frick. "We believe Global ePoint provides the most added value, since our system can be readily expanded to include Digital Video Recording, cargo surveillance, expansion to Electronic Flight Bag, cabin to cockpit communications electronically, and other designed expansion features of the AirWorks CDSS System. The System provides carriers with the ability to grow their systems to include more cockpit resources, cabin management, and risk management tools for the future."

Currently, a similar regulation is under review in the United States. The Company has a supplemental type certificate for all US registered aircraft in the category of 100 seats and above The US market has the highest number of registered commercial aircraft in the world. The AirWorks CDSS system has met the standard for each and every country that has provided a specification for cabin and cockpit surveillance, including the newly release EUROCAE 123 document, an industry recommendation for aircraft system specifications for CDSS.

Global ePoint’s growth catalyst, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is the design, manufacturing, sales and distribution of digital video surveillance systems for the law enforcement, military, aviation and homeland security markets. On the cutting edge of digital technology and seeking to expand its product line, Global ePoint is developing new compression technologies and next–generation, secure network digital video systems and servers for a wide range of new markets, concentrating primarily on security and homeland defense applications. As a solid recurring revenue stream, the Company also manufactures customized computing systems for industrial, business and consumer markets, as well as other specialized electronic products and systems. Complete vertical integration — from design and manufacturing to sales and distribution — allows the Company to capture efficiencies and maintain cost advantages in these growing markets, particularly homeland security. For more information, please visit

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