Global ePoint’s Aviation Div. Receives Order from European Carrier Germanwings for 12 Onboard Aircraft Surveillance Systems

UK–based First Choice Airways and Asian Carrier Air Macau also Place New Orders, Extending Global ePoint’s Worldwide Leadership

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Dec. 10, 2004 — Global ePoint, Inc. (Nasdaq:GEPT), an innovator of homeland security solutions in aviation, law enforcement and high–volume contract manufacturing, announced today that the Company’s AirWorks division has received orders for 12 Cockpit Door Surveillance Systems from European airline Germanwings. Nine of the systems have already been shipped and the remainder will be delivered by year end. The announcement was made by Toresa Lou, Chief Executive Officer of Global ePoint.

Global ePoint also announced shipments of its Cockpit Door Surveillance Systems (CDSS) to Asian passenger carrier Air Macau and United Kingdom–based First Choice Airline, further highlighting the international marketplace achievements of Global ePoint’s Aviation division.

The CDSS systems enable pilots in the secured cockpit to observe the area outside the cockpit door and throughout the passenger compartment via a remote–controlled, multi–camera digital video surveillance system. The AirWorks CDSS configuration includes dual 6.4 inch monitors inside the cockpit. The monitors are served by cameras positioned outside the cockpit door and in the galley and passenger loading areas, providing the pilot with surveillance capability through the cabin. The Company believes its CDSS products can be integrated into any existing cockpit configuration, regardless of aircraft model, size and passenger count. Governmental aviation authorities in many countries have already mandated that commercial airlines install such solutions as part of efforts to protect airplanes from hijackings, terrorism and other threats.

Germanwings will install the CDSS surveillance systems in 12 of its Airbus 320 and 321 series passenger aircraft. The German–based carrier currently flies 14 Airbus 319, 320 and 321 series airplanes from two hubs in Germany to a total of 34 destinations throughout Europe.

"The news that Germanwings has committed to installation of our CDSS surveillance systems in their fleet further underscores the security advantages our specialized surveillance products possess," said Ricky Frick, President of Global ePoint’s Aviation division. "We are pleased that our order flow continues to build momentum and strength throughout Europe and Asia."

In related business for the Aviation division, Asian passenger carrier Air Macau has placed a reorder for an additional CDSS installation, bringing the carrier’s total order from AirWorks to 11, representing the airline’s entire fleet. Air Macau will outfit an Airbus 320 jet with the CDSS system. The carrier provides service to a variety of destinations in China, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand.

Also placing an order from AirWorks was United Kingdom–based First Choice Airline, which ordered two CDSS surveillance systems for installation in Boeing 767 aircraft. The order comes in addition to 35 CDSS kits previously delivered for installation in First Choice’s fleet of A320 and A321, and in its 757 and 767 aircraft. With the latest orders, AirWorks will also have provided CDSS systems for First Choice’s entire fleet.

"These three orders from Germanwings, Air Macao and First Choice illustrate the global need for the type of sophisticated surveillance equipment that our Aviation division provides," said Global ePoint CEO Toresa Lou. "The specific capabilities of the AirWorks CDSS technology continue to show its reach across continents and across the spectrum of passenger aircraft classifications."

AirWorks’ FAA–certified CDSS product line is one cornerstone of Global ePoint’s broader suite of homeland security technology and products. "Global ePoint will continue our focus on developing cutting–edge technologies across our divisions that meet the growing and sophisticated surveillance needs of the global marketplace," said Lou.

Germanwings GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurowings Luftverkehr AG. Germanwings currently flies to a total of 34 destinations throughout Europe.

Air Macau is a regional airline based in Macau. It flies between numerous cities and countries in Asia, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Nanjing, Guilin, Haikou, Kunming, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Manila, Bangkok and Seoul.

First Choice is a leading European leisure travel company comprising mainstream and specialist tour operations, travel retail and aviation businesses. First Choice flies to approximately round 60 destinations worldwide, including the Maldives, Mexico and the Mediterranean.

The Company’s Aviation division contains Global AirWorks, whose primary communications and security products include the Cockpit Door Surveillance System (CDSS), a digital electronic "flight bag" of all flight and on–board manuals and records for pilots and a Laptop Computer Power System for passengers and flight crews. AirWorks customers include airline major OEMs, such as AT&T Aviation, BAE Systems, In–flight Phone, L3 Communications, and Rockwell Collins; all major U.S. airlines; and all major international carriers, including ATA, Air China, Bombardier, Finnair, Varig, KLM, Lufthansa, and Cathay Pacific. AirWorks holds more than 40 supplemental type certificates (STC) certifying AirWorks as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)–approved manufacturer and installer for a range of interior equipment and systems for a variety of commercial aircraft flying worldwide.

Global ePoint’s growth catalyst, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is the design, manufacturing, sales and distribution of digital video surveillance systems for the law enforcement, military, aviation and homeland security markets. On the cutting edge of digital technology and seeking to expand its product line, Global ePoint is developing new compression technologies and next–generation, secure network digital video systems and servers for a wide range of new markets, concentrating primarily on security and homeland defense applications. As a solid recurring revenue stream, the Company also manufactures customized computing systems for industrial, business and consumer markets, as well as other specialized electronic products and systems. Complete vertical integration — from design and manufacturing to sales and distribution — allows the Company to capture efficiencies and maintain cost advantages in these growing markets, particularly homeland security. For more information, please visit

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