Finnair MD–11 Fleet Receives Global ePoint/AirWorks Laptop Computer Power Systems

City of Industry, Calif. — June 22, 2004 — Global ePoint, Inc. (Nasdaq: GEPT), today announced its AirWorks division received an order from Finnair Group to install laptop computer power systems in all newly acquired MD–11 widebody aircraft.

The state–of–the–art AirWorks power system allows passengers to plug laptops directly into their seat eliminating the need for self-contained battery power and/or carrying extra batteries for long flights.

Finnair is one of the world’s oldest passenger airlines and serves the world’s major cities and leisure destinations in Europe, Asia, and North America. The current installation will standardize Finnair’s entire MD–11 long–haul fleet with AirWorks laptop power systems in all first and business class seats – as well as some select coach seating.

Since 1998, Airworks has provided laptop power installations for more than 1,500 aircraft flying worldwide and has since supplied systems to American Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, CityBird and Martin Air – in addition to Finnair and others.

AirWorks President and CEO, Ricky Frick, notes, "The convenience of AirWorks’ laptop computer power system has become very popular with business and first class passengers. And with air travel steadily increasing overall...we expect to see a strong growth in sales for this and other passenger-convenience systems as airlines actively compete to win more business. AirWorks is in an excellent position to benefit from this growth, since we hold supplemental type certificates (STC) and the system is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration."

Global Chief Executive, Toresa Lou, states, "This system also provides growth opportunities through further product development. In addition, AirWorks has developed a new power system for the flight cockpit as well, which (for example) allows the flight engineer to carry a laptop computer on international flights and make flight plan adjustments while en route.

"This application can also be used to power the AirWorks ‘Electronic Flight Bag’ (EFB), which uses a laptop computer", Lou adds. "If this power unit meets standards under current FAA guidelines, the resulting STC coupled with AirWorks’ EFB would be a unique, complete system for airline flight crews.

"With these and other communications and security and surveillance systems, we intend to continue growing market share and sales by leveraging AirWorks’ position in the global aviation markets," Lou notes. "And by integrating Global ePoint’s contract manufacturing and R&D capabilities to support product development and introductions, we are in an excellent position to develop high–quality, value–added products for our large base of global customers."

The AirWorks division’s primary communications and security products include cockpit door surveillance systems (CDSS), a digital electronic "flight bag" of all flight and on-board manuals and records for pilots, and a Laptop Computer Power System for passengers and flight crews. AirWorks customers include airline OEMs including AT&T Aviation, BAE Systems, Inflight Phone, L3 Communications, and Rockwell Collins; all major U.S. airlines; and all major international carriers, including ATA, Air China, Bombardier, Finnair, Varig, KLM, Lufthansa, and Cathay Pacific. AirWorks holds more than 40 supplemental type certificates (STC) certifying AirWorks as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)–approved manufacturer and installer for a range of interior equipment and systems for a variety of commercial aircraft flying worldwide.

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