Chief Daryl Gates
John Pan
Chairman and CFO
Daryl F. Gates has been a consultant to Global ePoint since November 2003. Mr. Gates served as Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department from 1978 until his retirement in 1992 after 43 years of service with the LAPD. Chief Gates is widely recognized as the creator of the successful anti-drug program D.A.R.E. He also pioneered the concept and implementation of law enforcementís first SWAT unit and is known as an authority on terrorism and the control of civil disorders and riots. Since his retirement from the police force, Mr. Gates has been a consultant, public speaker, author and entrepreneur. Mr. Gates is a graduate of the University of Southern California.


John Pan was elected as President, Chief Financial Officer, Chairman, and Secretary of Global ePoint after our acquisition of McDigit in August 2003. Mr. Pan was a founder of McDigit and has been its Secretary and Chief Financial Officer and Director since its incorporation in November 2002. Mr. Pan is also the founder, President, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of Best Logic LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of McDigit. He has held these positions since November 2000. Prior to joining Global ePoint, Mr. Pan was the founder, Chief Financial Officer, President, and director of Avatar Technology, Inc., and he remains chairman of that company. Mr. Pan is a founder, President and Chief Financial Officer of Prophecy Technology LLC, positions he has held since September 1992. Mr. Pan received his M.B.A. from Pepperdine University in 1986.