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The On-Line Instant Ticket:

Global ePoint has licensing rights to the technology and products to read the barcode on the instant tickets during the dispensing process thereby making possible the On-Line Instant ticket.

The advantage of an on-line instant ticket is the enhanced security and the reduced cost of production, storage and distribution. Conventional instant tickets require a secure printing process, including absolute control over packaging and distribution because once printed an instant ticket is like money and is worth, at a minimum, its face value. The on-line instant ticket looks and plays just like a conventional instant ticket and retains all of the appeal and excitement of a conventional ticket. However, the on-line instant ticket requires a less secure manufacturing and distribution process because the game-play data that determines a winning or losing ticket is provided on-line at the time of purchase. Therefore the tickets are worthless, except for their production cost, until they are processed on-line at the point of sale.

The on-line ticket looks and feels like a conventional instant ticket. However, the ticket solves a number of problems associated with conventional instant tickets and has no value until processed at the time of purchase. It can be displayed at the point of sale without security to encourage impulse sales. The system/ticket works as follows:

  It has a unique ticket serial number to identify it.

Play data is only partially printed under the scratch-off material.

  • Remaining play data to determine the win/loss outcome is supplied at the time of purchase.

  • The terminal reads the unique bar code, which tells the host computer the identity of the ticket.

  • The host system then obtains the remaining play data by either accessing file data or randomly generating data.

  • The play data is then sent to the terminal for printing on the ticket with an extension to the unique ticket number bar code for security purposes. The security data identifies the terminal and date and time the ticket was processed. This data is also printed in human readable form.

  • During this process the host system compares the original play data with the transmitted play data to identify the ticketís status. If the ticket is a winner, the appropriate ticket file(s) are updated.

  • Once the player has played the ticket by removal of the scratch area, the ticketís bar code is read by a terminal for validation. The extended bar code indicates to the system that the ticket has previously been processed and requires winner validation.

  • During ticket manufacture, a validation code is printed under the scratch-off area. In the validation process, the host will request input of the validation code. This ensures that retailers or players trying to validate tickets prior to removal of the scratch-off area do not compromise the system.

  • If required, the tickets will have a UPC bar code printed on the back. This facilitates the scanning of the ticket by a cash register/checkout scanner, to include the ticket price on the cash register tally-roll and total.

  • This new ticket concept puts instant tickets totally on-line and creates the capability and endless possibilities to combine instant with on-line games, providing the media to enhance both and increase lottery sales.

    Progressive Jackpots: Combining the advantages of connectivity and the capability to read the instant ticketís barcode during the dispensing process provides the infrastructure to design into the gameís prize structure a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot can be for a specific game or across multiple games. As each ticket is sold the system has total control and is recording and accounting for every ticket. During this process a small-predetermined amount of the prize pool is placed in the jackpot pool and a smaller predetermined amount of the prize pool is placed in a secondary, or shadow jackpot pool. The purpose of the shadow jackpot pool is to have a jackpot amount that is meaningful to the players once the main jackpot has been won.

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