DCR 2000-4 Debit Card Retailer
  Simply the WORLD's Most Reliable Vending Machine!

Simply the WORLD's Most Reliable Vending Machine!
In an industry where presence drives sales, Global ePoint’s DCR-2000 debit card vending machine is the most impressive four bin machine in the phone card vending industry. Weighing 275 pounds and standing over five feet tall, the DCR-2000 is made of durable components and offers high security. Despite its impressive size, the DCR-2000 requires only two and one half square feet of floor space.
Constructed of 14-gauge cold-rolled steel, the DCR-2000 features bullet-proof Lexan windows which display the card design of each bin. The 110 decibel tilt sensor alarm and high-security barrel-type locks embedded into the steel of the cabinet make the DCR-2000 virtually impossible to burglarize.

Each DCR 2000-4 comes standard with an oversized internal keypad and a thermal printer capable of providing fast, accurate, and detailed reporting. Such reports as Today's Sales, Inventory, Lifetime Sales, Current Settings and others are readily available by entering a series of simple commands on the keypad.


  Reliable and designed to maximize uptime, all components are fully modular for ease of removal and replacement should service be required.
  • Dependable, patented push feed mechanism promotes reliable dispensing.
  • Dispenses all standard phone card sizes of varying thicknesses in both plastic and most paper card-stock (10-40 mil)
  • Accurate and automatic accounting reports, including Daily Inventory and Sales, Cash Pickup, Last Month's Sales, and Lifetime Sales.
• Large side panel area space for point of purchase signage, advertising, and logos.
  • 600 note capacity currency stacker (400 note lockable)