DCR 1250-1 Debit Card Retailer
  Simply the WORLD's Most Reliable Vending Machine!

If you what to vend debit cards, but are limited by the retail space available to you, then the DCR 1250-1 from On-Point Technology Systems, Inc. (On-Point™) is the solution for you. The DCR 1250-1 is one of the most compact debit card vending machines in the industry requiring less than a foot square of retail space to vend up to 400 debits cards! It weights 55 pounds and can be used as a countertop, be wall-mounted, or bolted to one of the DCR bases provided by On-Point™.

Despite its compact size, the DCR 1250-1 is a highly secure debit card vending machine. It is constructed of 14-guage steel cabinet and door, 1/2-inch thick Lexan™ bullet-proof window, and equipped with a 110 decibel tilt sensor alarm. The DCR 1250-1's high-security cam-type locks embedded into the steel cabinet make it virtually impossible to burglarize.

The DCR 1250-1 comes standard with an oversized internal keypad and a thermal printer capable of providing fast, accurate, and detailed reporting. Such reports as Today's Sales, Inventory, Lifetime Sales, Current Settings and others are readily available by entering a series of simple commands on the keypad.

  Reliable and designed to maximize uptime, all components are fully modular for ease of removal and replacement should service be required.
  • Dependable, patented push feed mechanism
  promotes reliable dispensing
  • Dispenses all standard phone card sizes of varying
  thicknesses in both plastic and most paper
  card-stock (10-40 mil)
  • Accurate and automatic accounting reports, including
  Daily Inventory and Sales, Cash Pickup, Last Month's
  Sales, and Lifetime Sales
• Large side panel area space for point of purchase
  signage, advertising, and logos
  • 600 note capacity currency stacker (400 note lockable)
  Read the DCR 1250-1 Specifications for more information!