Stop wasting time with multiple platforms for every different type of user!
Introducing the Khepri I8, the all around solution. Realize the ease of support and deployment by using one solution for 90% of your installations. Whether it's to be General Business Workstation, Performance Desktop, Home PC, or School Lab, the Khepri I8 can be configured to meet your needs. Make support a breeze! Use the Khepri I8 for most all your configurations.    
• Intel 845G Chipset with Intel Extreme Grapics

Next Generation integrated graphics

• AGP4X Slot

for Power Users and Gamers - 32-128MB DDR Video Card options

• Intel Pentium 4 Processors

1.6Ghz - 2.8GHz, either 400MHz or 533MHz Front Side Bus

• Intel Celeron Processores

1.7 - 2.0GHz, running at 400MHz Front Side Bus

• DDR Memory

Specifically designed to use DDR SDRAM memory - Up To 2GB

• Expandability

6 PCI Slots for complete customization

• Connectivity

Integrated Intel 10/100 NIC for Network and Broadband Connectivity

• Sound

Integrated AC'97 Audio with SoundMAX with SPX and Microphone Pre-Amplifier

• Latest Technologies

Integrated Hi-Speed USB 2.0 technology, Up To 40 times the performance of USB 1.1 and backwards compatible

• Storage

Hard Drive options from 20GB -120GB, Ultra ATA100, 7200RPM

• All the standard options

Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Pad, CD-ROM, DVD, CDR-W, Floppy, Internal 56K Modem, Multi-Media Speakers, Ms Office XP, Windows 98SE, ME, W2K, XP Home, XP Pro