The price performance Leader!
The Logic G2E uses the awesome power of the AMD Athlon and Athlon XP Processors and is and excellent choice for the value minded user who does not want to compromise performance. The AMD Athlon processor's aggressive pricing enables more "bang for the buck" and the Logic I2 won't let you down there. The Logic G2E uses a 266MHz Front Side Bus, allows up to 1.5GB of PC133 Memory, and supports standards like ATA/100 IDE, 4X AGP, 4 USB Ports and much more. The Logic G2E's strength lies in it's price/performance ratio, making it a great selection for home or business.    
• VIA Techologies KT133A Chipset

A Leader in AMD Processor Chipsets

• AGP4X Slot

Video Card options from entry level 32MB to Powerful 128MB DDR

• Intel Pentium 4 Processors

1.6Ghz - 2.8GHz, either 400MHz or 533MHz Front Side Bus

• AMD Athlon XP Processors

Up To 2200+ GHz, 266MHz Front Side Bus

• PC133 Memory

Specifically designed to use PC133 SDRAM memory - Up To 1.5GB

• Expandability

5 PCI Slots for complete customization *

• Sound

Integrated AC'97 Audio

• Connectivity

2+2 USB, 1+1 Serial Ports, 1 Parallel, 2 PS/2, Sound and Game Ports

• Storage

Hard Drive options from 20GB -120GB, Ultra ATA100, 7200RPM

• Storage

Hard Drive options from 20GB -120GB, Ultra ATA100, 7200RPM

• All the standard options

Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Pad, CD-ROM, DVD, CDR-W, Floppy, NIC, Internal 56K Modem, Multi-Media Speakers, Ms Office XP, Windows 98SE, ME, W2K, XP Home, XP Pro