Industrial PC  

Established in 2000, McDigit has focused on the industrial PC market, where there are more special requirements for products and testing, yet often with limited quantities; McDigit is more flexible and still more cost effective than the competition

We can provide better support for an overall lower total cost than either in-house manufacturing, distributor integration, commercial manufacturer, or, except for extremely high volumes, overseas or EMS contractors.

Target Market

Our target market in the Industrial PC applications consists of those companies and industries that use customized solutions based upon PC architectures to integrate with their industrial equipment and application software for a turnkey solution of their industrial applications, such as:
  • Medical Equipment and Instrumentation
  • Biotech Equipment
  • X-Ray Security Equipment
  • Video Surveillance Products
  • Homeland Security Systems
  • Ticketing Automation
  • Telecom/Datacom Equipment
  • Machine Automation and Robotic Control
  • Environmental Monitoring Equipment
  • Diagnostic, Testing, & Measurement Equipment
  • Gaming Machines

Products & Services

McDigit builds customized industrial computers to your specific requirements. Our sales and engineering teams can work closely with your engineers to provide the best solution to your special needs in industrial applications. From Commercial PC chassis, rack mount, wall-mount, to customized enclosure and power supply, and from commercial PC board, Single Board Computer, passive and active backplanes, to customized PC boards, Best Logic offers a variety of solutions for industrial applications.


  • Commercial PC Chassis
  • Rack Mount Chassis
  • Wall-Mount Chassis
  • Customized Enclosure & Power Supply
  • Commercial PC Board
  • Single Board Computer
  • Passive and Active Backplane
  • Customized PC Board


1) Integrated Solution
Our engineers will research the latest technology to provide a solution to maximize the performance and value of a new project.

2) Customized Computers
Our production can build customized computers with customer's special requirements and proprietary hardware components.

3) Engineering Design
We can provide engineering design on chassis, power supply, PCB, and system customization to improve performance and production cost.

4) Revision Control
Our ISO system can help our clients on strict revision control in both hardware and software to ensure the consistency of the quality.

5 ) Long Life Cycle Solution

Our sales teams and engineers can provide you with a long life cycle solution for an ongoing project.

6) Loading Application Software
Our production team can pre-load the application software according to a new project's requirements.

7) Quarterly Technology Review

Our sales team reviews the latest technology changes with the customer as well as plans provided by major manufacturers. For example, Intel chipset and processor roadmaps and motherboard roadmaps.

8) End of Life Product Notification
Advance notification of phasing out components is provided to the customer for all long term projects.

9) Kan Ban Inventories
We can keep safety system inventory for the current projects to prevent any delay of shipment.

10) Customer Specific Labeling
We can provide custom labeling on computers based upon special requirements and specifications.

11) Customer Specific Testing
Our QC department can provide customers extra quality assurance and specific testing procedures tailored to each project.

12) Quality Control Documentation
Quality control documentation for each computer is provided for trace-ability and accuracy. Available upon request.