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The Logic I2EU, which features the Intel 815E chipset, is designed to handle a wide array of tasks with either the Pentium III or Celeron Processor. With 100 or 133 Front Side Bus, up to 512MB PC133 SDRAM, integrated or 4X AGP Video, integrated sound, and 10/100 Fast Ethernet, the Logic I2EU's keys to it's continued success are versatility and affordability. The highly integrated 815E chipset allows deployment and support in a snap, yet the possibility for system customization is not compromised. When you want a solution to match up with an already large Pentium III and/or Celeron install base, the Logic I2EU is your choice.


The Khepri I6 is specifically designed with the power user in mind by utilizing the full bandwidth and performance of the Pentium 4 Processor with dual RAMBUS Channels and Intel NetBurst microarchitecture. The Khepri I6 supports an impressive 3.2GB/s memory bus bandwidth for unprecedented system efficiency and responsiveness for those who wish to stay on the edge of the digital world


The Logic G2E uses the awesome power of the AMD Athlon and Athlon XP Processors and is and excellent choice for the value minded user who does not want to compromise performance. The AMD Athlon processor's aggressive pricing enables more "bang for the buck" and the Logic I2 won't let you down there. The Logic G2E uses a 266MHz Front Side Bus, allows up to 1.5GB of PC133 Memory, and supports standards like ATA/100 IDE, 4X AGP, 4 USB Ports and much more. The Logic G2E's strength lies in it's price/performance ratio, making it a great selection for home or business.


Introducing the Khepri I8, the all around solution. Realize the ease of support and deployment by using one solution for 90% of your installations. Whether it's to be General Business Workstation, Performance Desktop, Home PC, or School Lab, the Khepri I8 can be configured to meet your needs. Make support a breeze! Use the Khepri I8 for most all your configurations.


Introducing the Khepri G14, an entry level system using proven and mature products. The Khepri G14 caters to the "status quos" customer and those looking for a less integrated solution. By combining the Intel 845 Chipset with minimal integration and proven technologies like PC133 Memory, the Khepri G14 provides a comfort level that you have the technology you need, not what is being pushed on you.