McDigit has the human resources, facilities, credit line with vendors and banks, and the manufacturing expertise to help you produce your products in a more cost effective manner. Our manufacturing resources and expertise in customized PCs, industrial PCs and PC based electronic products can help your company fulfill the market demand for your products.

Once you have experienced our flexibility and responsiveness, you will wonder why you ever did it any other way.

Areas of Expertise
  What are the areas of expertise that we can offer your company?

  • Project Management
  • Engineering Design
  • Order Processing
  • Material Procurement & Planning
  • Inventory Control
  • Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Engineering Support
  • Billing
  • Financial Support
  • Logistics Support

Which companies/projects benefit?
  Who will benefit from our contract manufacturing services?

  • Engineers or entrepreneurs who are ready to move from a prototype design to volume production
  • Engineers or entrepreneurs with a new product prototype but without sufficient capital to manufacture the product
  • A company that would like to cut down their manufacturing overhead and better focus on R&D, sales, and marketing
  • A company with variable shipment requirements that would like to produce their products in a more cost effective manner
  • A company with limited resources that would like to accelerate their production to a higher volume quickly
  • A company that would like to have a second source or back-up source for their existing production, for either mature and stable or newly introduced products
  • A company that would like to enjoy a more responsive and more flexible contract manufacturing partner
  • Any company based in North America that would like to have better on- going access to their contract manufacturing partner

Types of Requirements:

  • Mature/stable products where cost of production is a factor
  • New projects where timeliness is of utmost importance
  • Updates or revisions to existing products to incorporate more current off-the-shelf PC technology and therefore better price/performance
  • Projects requiring more resources or flexibility
  • Projects requiring a managed transition or cut-over to work off existing inventory, but ultimately wanting to have outsourced production
  • Companies needing a second source for qualified production, for contractual, security or other reasons
  • Companies that are already outsourcing the manufacturing and testing of proprietary boards based on PC bus or PC interconnects, but want to progress to having someone provide final assembly, test and packaging on a contract basis

McDigit - Power the Technology

McDigit's largest current contract manufacturing customers are in the Homeland Security/Surveillance and Medical Products industries, but we also cater to companies in the Aerospace/Defense, Communications/Broadcast, Process and Environment Control, and Gaming Machines and Ticketing Kiosks industries.

McDigit is not a distributor, and will not attempt to change your existing Bill of Material (BOM) unless requested. McDigit has extensive expertise in managing component product life cycles and end-of-life conditions, and offers a more stable product management environment than commercial PC manufacturers. Also, McDigit is flexible and responsive enough to optimize your time-to-market, while minimizing start-up costs and issues.

McDigit is ISO 9001:2000 certified, and we have a very strict quality control system at all levels. We follow the ISO standards to do IQC, PQC, OQC, burn-in, and any additional QC requirements by customers. Our quality policy is to ensure that the quality of our products and services meet and exceed ISO and our customers’ requirements.

We would enjoy discussing your current or potential requirements, as well as giving you a tour of our facility in the City of Industry, CA and a presentation of our capabilities. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you and your company.