Global ePoint Announces New Video Surveillance System for Mass Transportation

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 21, 2005--Global ePoint, Inc. (Nasdaq: GEPT - News) a leading manufacturer of security technologies for the aviation, law enforcement, industrial and commercial markets, today announced the introduction of its Mass Transportation System (MTS), a new digital video security solution targeting the Mass Transportation marketplace. The MTS is a modified version of its Aviation Division's highly successful Cockpit Door Surveillance System (CDSS).

The MTS is designed to monitor the activity of passengers aboard any form of mass transportation and to provide security personnel with live video and the ability to archive 720 hours of recorded data. The new solution provides the operator of mass transit systems (such as subway, rail or bus) critical knowledge of activity in the passenger areas as well as the ability to monitor suspicious behavior to quickly assess and manage on-board security.

Global ePoint Director and Vice President of Market Development, Chief Daryl Gates (formerly Chief of the LAPD) and Ricky Frick, President of the Aviation Division of Global ePoint, jointly addressed the need for surveillance systems to be used on rail, school buses, law enforcement, SWAT vehicles and emergency governmental vehicles which resulted in development of the new Mass Transportation System.

"Recent terrorist activities in Spain, London and other parts of the world," notes Daryl Gates, "underscore the urgent need for intelligence gathering and data analysis to provide real time prevention for every form of mass transit. Today, many sectors have the need for live video imaging."

"The MTS is an exciting expansion of our Cockpit Door Surveillance System (CDSS) technology. It is an example of our goal to provide common solutions for multiple problems," adds Ricky Frick. "The system we have shown to mass transit personnel here in the United States and abroad offers the communication capability between operators and passenger area to provide a more secure mass transit system. Information is the key."

Recent events around the world, as well as here in the United States, have made clear the critical need to provide a means of surveillance and on-board/on-site intelligence gathering for safe and secure mass transportation. "AirWorks, in conjunction with other divisions of Global ePoint, continues to expand current product lines to create additional uses for the multitude of surveillance, recording, and detection devices that our company has already introduced in the market place," states Toresa Lou, CEO of Global ePoint. "While the overall impact in these multiple sectors is unknown at this time, we are certainly well prepared to improve day-to-day security and operations both immediately and in the future for any sector dealing with public safety, mass transportation, first responders and law enforcement."

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