Global ePoint Wins Ukiah, California Police Department Order

Wireless Technology Offers Unique Advantages

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 3, 2005--Global ePoint, Inc. (Nasdaq: GEPT - News), a leading manufacturer of security technologies for the aviation, law enforcement, and commercial / industrial markets, today announced that its Division Technology Division,has received an order for its Ranger 350i Systems to retrofit all police cruisers operated by the Ukiah, California police department with Global ePoint's digital surveillance system. The order follows the recent successful deployment by the Chicago Police Department for Sequent Ranger 350i, mobile digital video surveillance systems.

Addressing the Ukiah City Council, Chief of Police John Williams said, "The use of in-car camera systems has been shown to reduce attacks on officers, increase the number of court convictions, and reduce the number of citizen complaints and officer misconduct incidents. The Global ePoint proposal best meets the current and future needs of our department."

Commenting on the order, Global ePoint CEO Toresa Lou said, "This order is exactly in alignment with our strategy of proving our technology in a number of local police departments while simultaneously conducting pilot programs in large metropolitan cities, as we are doing in Chicago."

Unlike other systems, Global ePoint’s Ranger 350i system is activated by the officer going about his or her normal duties and requires almost no training. By the officer’s normal action of turning on the patrol car’s light bar, removing the shotgun, or even just opening the car’s door, the system may be activated. A pre-recording feature then records events for a time prior to the activating event as well as after. The officer can even activate recording remotely, such as while standing near a suspect’s vehicle. "Perhaps the most important feature is how the system preserves the integrity of the data it collects. By automatically and wirelessly uploading its recordings to the department's computer when the officer pulls into the station, our system avoids having the officer handle tapes or storage drives, which can invalidate critical trial evidence."

Global ePoint estimates that over 500,000 patrol cars are operating in the US, making this a $2.5 billion market for digital video installations. Unlike analog video, digital recordings can be searched by a computer, making it easy to locate specific recordings and to categorize records by location, officer name, police vehicle ID, date or time of day, suspect or vehicle identity, and other criteria. Digital records have higher resolution, can be easily magnified, and can be transmitted over the internet. In addition, due to longer recording times and more automated operation, digital systems are far less likely to miss the recording of an incident due to an officer's failure to turn the system on or to change a tape.

Beyond law enforcement, Global ePoint is also targeting other applications of its digital video technology. "The same advantages our technology brings to law enforcement can be made available to fire trucks, ambulances, airplanes, trains, banks, retail stores, commercial and industrial facilities, small businesses, and even on the battlefield," added Ms. Lou. "The incentives for using our technology include crime prevention and resolution, loss prevention, insurance management, homeland defense, and military field command management. Because of the importance of each of these, we believe our markets have considerable room to grow."

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