AirWorks Reports Additional Orders
Reorders for CDSS Systems Totaling $212,000


CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. – August 2, 2004 – Global ePoint, Inc. (Nasdaq: GEPT), today announced its AirWorks division has received additional orders, including reorders and upgrades, for the Company’s Cockpit Door Surveillance Systems (CDSS). The total value of the orders is $212,000.

LTU, one of Germany’s premier vacation and charter carriers, placed a reorder for additional CDSS systems and will upgrade the fleet which already has CDSS systems with the new AirWorks five-inch CDSS touch sensitive monitors. LTU utilizes 16 A320 and A321 aircraft and 10 A330s, each has previously installed the AirWorks CDSS system utilizing larger monitors. The current system consists of two 6.4-inch touch sensitive monitors, a system controller and a three camera layout. The cameras monitor the area just outside of the cockpit door for entry of crew members and authorized personnel. The additional two cameras provide the pilots with a complete view of the entire forward area of the aircraft to monitor for suspicious behavior.

AirWorks recently released a newly design five-inch touch sensitive LCD that provides 600 TV line of resolution. The five-inch monitor is compact and not only provides the same touch sensitive features of the 6.4-inch monitor but additionally has a higher resolution and more horizontal lines. LTU has additionally placed orders for two additional A320 kits for newly acquired aircraft. The LTU flight operations group and pilot group have selected this upgrade program due to the compact nature of the five-inch design. This design is also incorporated into the Lufthansa Airlines 747 and A300.

AirWorks is releasing this month its new 8.4-inch SVGA monitor that can also be incorporated into the existing CDSS designs but also Electronic Flight Bag applications. The SVGA monitor is also touch sensitive and incorporates the ability to monitor CDSS by way of touch sensitive features but additionally display manuals, data, charts and checklist without the need for additional key boards, mouse or other computer features.

SR Technics of Switzerland, an independent provider of technical solutions for airlines in complex airframe checks, and complete overhauls of airframes and engines providing these services for many airlines in Europe, the Far East, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas, have ordered the AirWorks CDSS system for installation on an undisclosed customers’ Airbus A320 Aircraft. This is a new customer for AirWorks.

Thomas Cook of Manchester, England one of the industry oldest and largest providers of vacation and leisure travel packages, has ordered the AirWorks CDSS system with a 6.4-inch monitor for a Boeing 757.

Lufthansa Technic, one of worlds’ premier providers of maintenance and engineering services with facilities worldwide providing heavy maintenance, VIP conversions, engineering services, and a variety of highly specialized airframe and engine services, has ordered the AirWorks CDSS system for the A300B4-600.

AirWorks has also recently signed a formal agreement with Croatia Airlines for seven Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft CDSS to be delivered immediately. This is the first customer from Eastern Europe for AirWorks.

“These orders demonstrate the continued growth and ongoing attention our CDSS system is receiving from carriers around the world,” commented Ricky Frick, AirWorks’ President. “New customers, like Croatia Airlines, and longstanding customers, like Thomas Cook, are realizing the importance of in-flight security and are upgrading their aircraft in an effort to protect customers. Press attention for increased security, and possible regulatory requirements to include cameras and video recorders on flights are also causing increased attention, and AirWorks is poised to meet these requirements should they come to pass. We continue to introduce new versions of the system designed to fit various aircraft and meet a variety of needs. Our five-inch display is designed to utilize less space in crowded cockpits, while our eight-inch version is easier to view and includes additional features. We are pleased to see the ongoing momentum for our CDSS product.”


  About Global ePoint's AirWorks Division

The AirWorks division's primary communications and security products include cockpit door surveillance systems (CDSS), a digital electronic "flight bag" of all flight and on-board manuals and records for pilots, and a Laptop Computer Power System for passengers and flight crews. Through the integration with the Global ePoint family of companies, AirWorks has the capability to integrate digital video recorders with the CDSS system, and the touch screens can be used for law enforcement installations and other applications as well. AirWorks customers include airline OEMs including AT&T Aviation, BAE Systems, In-flight Phone, L3 Communications, and Rockwell Collins; all major U.S. airlines; and all major international carriers, including ATA, Air China, Bombardier, Finnair, Varig, KLM, Lufthansa, and Cathay Pacific. AirWorks holds more than 40 supplemental type certificates (STC) certifying AirWorks as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved manufacturer and installer for a range of interior equipment and systems for a variety of commercial aircraft flying worldwide.

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