Riverside Police Department Orders MoreGlobal ePoint Mobile Surveillance Systems
  Agency Cites Extreme Accuracy and Effectiveness

City of Industry, Calif.–June 7, 2004 – Global ePoint, Inc. (Nasdaq: GEPT) today announced the City of Riverside Police Department is equipping three additional new vehicles with its revolutionary Ranger 350i mobile video surveillance system.

In October 2003, ten systems were initially purchased and installed with proprietary cutting-edge technologies for computing, networking, and compression that offer wireless, hands-free use. Automatic features of the Ranger 350i system require no intervention from officers in the field and the use of digital video technology eliminates the enormous problem of VHS tape storage, access and retrieval.

This new technology provides clear and accurate “as it happens” digital transmission and recording of video, audio and vital data from the field, In addition to applications for law enforcement–from street patrol vehicles and undercover surveillance to airborne helicopter and aircraft installations–the Ranger 350I is equally well suited to improve operations and documentation in all types of commercial and city, state and government vehicles from buses and public transportation to fleet automobiles and trucks.

City of Riverside Chief of Police Russell Leach notes, “We are extremely satisfied with the Global ePoint Ranger 350i mobile video surveillance system, and we intend to equip all of our patrol vehicles with this technology as funds become available.”

Toresa Lou, Global ePoint Chief Executive Officer, adds, “The Riverside Police Department was the first to purchase, install, and utilize our Ranger 350i wireless mobile digital video system. This is a significant milestone, as out of the estimated 500,000 police patrol vehicles in use nationwide today, it was the very first wireless digital video system ever installed and used on a day-to-day basis by a law enforcement agency in the United States. The on-going satisfaction and current reorder from Riverside police department is extremely encouraging.”

Retired Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Department Daryl Gates–a staunch supporter of this new “hands free” digital system–observes: “There’s no disputing the accuracy of the video, in court or by complainants, because the tamper-free images are automatically transmitted to the evidence archive. The storage is negligible, manageable and information can be accessed quickly and easily. It gives police officers a seamless method of providing more accurate and concise evidence–which produces significant cost savings in city, state and federal allegation costs–which ultimately saves taxpayer dollars.

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