From Major Suppliers of X-Ray Screening Systems for U.S. Airports

City of Industry, Calif.—May 5, 2004—Global ePoint, Inc. (the “Company”) (Nasdaq: GEPT) received orders for industrial computers totaling approximately $4.8 million from the major suppliers of conventional X-ray security screening systems for airports in the United States.

Under existing agreements with Rapiscan Security Products, Inc. and L3 Security & Detection System, the Company's contract manufacturing division, Best Logic, will manufacture custom-designed industrial-grade computers and begin deliveries this month and continue through March 2005. The Company's computers will be integrated into X-ray scanning systems, which are sold by Rapiscan and L3 to airports throughout the United States.

Toresa Lou, Global ePoint chief executive, commented: "We are pleased to receive additional orders under the ongoing sales agreements with these customers, which together dominate the market for conventional X-ray scanning equipment in U.S. airports. Our contract manufacturing operation offers all customers the benefits of production flexibility to meet varying customizing and volume requirements, global access to parts and components with competitive pricing, domestic quality control, and short lead-time with in-time production.

"On a broader scale, in addition to custom-manufactured computers, we will be extending contract manufacturing's production and cost advantages and research and development capabilities to support production of any new line of electronic product, such as digital video products and systems," Lou added. "We expect to realize certain synergies and efficiencies that are expected to not only hasten new product development but also help to accelerate sales growth in a variety of high-potential markets."

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Global ePoint is a provider of computers, computing solutions, and digital video, audio and data transmission and recording products. The Company's primary operations are through two divisions: contract manufacturing and digital technology. The contract manufacturing division manufactures customized computing systems for industrial, business, and consumer markets; and other specialized electronic products and systems. The digital technology division designs and markets digital video surveillance systems for law enforcement, military, homeland security, commercial, and industrial markets. Global’s growth strategy includes developing new compression technologies and next-generation secure network digital video systems and servers for a wide range of new markets and applications. For more information go to

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